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Our Services

CONSULTING with clients BEFORE the design and layout.
You took care to create your manuscript, now let us take care of your design, format and layout for your book in a professional manner. We make the process fun and productive.

CONVERT your raw manuscript into a book.
WESType can handle every aspect. We will take your words and make them presentable to your audience, no matter what demographic your target—fiction or non-fiction. From simple pagination and headers to complete interior and exterior book design, we can make your manuscript beautiful enough to sit on any bookshelf. We provide fast turnaround and reasonable rates. You don't need to rely on multiple vendors or fly-by-night businesses—because we do it all.

REJUVENATE an existing layout or template.
You had it done once but you discovered later that it doesn't work for the reader! We will re-layout the document, integrate graphics, and format text. We ensure compliance with required formats and style guides.

FAITHFULLY follow specs and/or match sample books provided.
Get what you want, on time and within budget. Take it to a professional who will care as much about your book as you do.