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More Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Bobbi Bolden
“I had no idea how hard Ronnie's work is till I saw her work on my book she does phenominal book design and layout design. She's totally worth what little she gets paid to do a huge amount of work. Thank you for making my book "The Princess Golf Handbook" the success it is.”

Chuck Blakeman
“Ronnie did the layout of my book, "Making Money is Killing Your Business”, which was rated the #1 Business Book of the Year by NFIB, not for volume for "for its impact" in the business community. Ronnie did the layout of the book - an extremely detailed and highly complex job, especially for this book which had many charts, graphs, call-outs and other difficult design elements. She made it all flow beautifully—thanks, Ronnie for your work!”

Rhonda Spellman
“Working with Ronnie on my 3rd book (like my 3rd child) was a wonderful learning experience. Ronnie is so professional, so precise and amazingly accurate with her insightful recommendations. It was a great pleasure to work with Ronnie. I would HIGHLY recommend her to any author who is looking for a top-notch job! I will definitively work with Ronnie again!”

Georgann and Jim Hall
"Ronnie, you are well-known for the great job you do. You are very exacting and precise in your work and just a wonderful person to have around and be friends with!"

Susan Piergeorge
“Ronnie has been a joy to work with. She knows her trade and has been in business for 30 years. Her attention to detail is something of great value and she is reliable. She is timely, professional and very reasonably priced. I would recommend her for initial and repeat business. I plan on working with her for future projects.”

Susan E. Mead, M.H.
“Thanks to the guidance of professionals like Ronnie Moore of WESType Publishing Services, Inc., I am blessed to have a top-quality book of 423 pages, Take Back Your Body, which was both my first venture as an author and publisher. Ronnie's helpful suggestions in many areas, in addition to doing a killer job of working with me on the beautiful layout, were invaluable and I would highly recommend her services!”

Laura L Whittemore
“We so appreciate the interior design and expertise that Ronnie provided on our second book, “Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury."  Even though she was very busy, she always responded to our emails and kept to our deadlines. If you are looking for a professional who knows the publishing industry, meet Ronnie and see for yourself.”

Barbe J Ratcliffe
“Ronnie created the layout for my most recent book and journal. In doing this, she was incredibly creative and her attention to detail was amazing. The aspects that I would have overlooked, she took seriously, resulting in an amazing product. I absolutely recommend Ronnie for any layout or graphic design work you may be considering.”

Loren Due
“Ronnie made my book look like a best seller! She is creative, precise and determined. She will work with you until the job is complete. I look forward to another assignment with Ronnie in the future.”

Mike Daniels, Southwest Sales Representative, Sheridan Books
“I've worked with Ronnie on several book projects for publishers and would highly recommend her to any author or publisher looking for a talented, professional book designer or project manager. When she sends a title to press, Ronnie diligently oversees the production process and complies with the manufacturers' submission guidelines to ensure timely completion of the project. She takes personal pride in every book she's involved with as she strives to gain her client's total satisfaction and ensure their book meets all expectations.”

Shannon Parish
"With an eye for detail and an artistic flair, Ronnie creates interior book pages that are crisp and easy to read which is extremely important for a book of quality to stand out. She's the perfect team member for anyone who is concerned about the small things that matter."

Melody Jones, Owner Social Media Management Services, Writer, Speaker
"Ronnie Moore has a stellar reputation in the publishing world. She is owner of WESType Publishing Services, Inc. and has been in business since 1978. Her attention to detail and timely work are well-known and appreciated by numerous authors. She is a soft-spoken person with a formidable talent! I absolutely recommend her services for your publishing needs."

Don Sidle, Owner, Urban Mountain Design/Don Sidle
“I worked with Ronnie on "Princess Golf Handbook", a book which I illustrated. I found her to be very professional and extremely detailed in designing the publication. I would highly recommend her for your design and layout of the interior of your books.”

Katherine Carol
“Ronnie is a person all our clients love. She can make the words sing on the page, as she lays them down, enhancing an author's message. Reliable, trustworthy and a perfectionist, you can trust your hard work with her! Ronnie is one of the most talented interior designers and layout professionals in the field of publishing.”

Annie Harmon, Owner, Harmony Design, LLC (business partner)
“We worked with Ronnie while creating See It. Say It. Do It!  The Parent’s & Teacher’s Action Guide to Creating Successful Students & Confident Kids. Ronnie had a tremendous attention to detail, her layout work is very clean and her turn around time was remarkable!”

Sue Allegrezza
“Ronnie knew her area of her expertise and gave me great editing ideas to help my children's picture book, 'Curious Billy—A Raccoon's Grand Colorado Adventure' be presented in its best light.”

Melody Fitzsimmons, typesetter, former employee of WESType
“Ronnie is a fair and honest boss with a high standard of work quality and a great sense of humor. I felt comfortable talking with her about work-related issues. She kept up the employee morale during times of stress when we were very busy. The work that she produced, both by herself and through her employees, was always pleasing to our customers. I recommend her both as an employer and as a supplier.”